Appellation: Séguret

Area of Production: 29 acres

Grape: Grenache 75% Syrah 25%

Vintage: 2015

Vineyard: Founded in 1952; Now Certified Organic

Winemaker: Christian Voeux

Soil: Gravely soils, with clay, marl, & sand


  • Grapes are harvested manually.
  • Entering the cellar, the grapes are de-stemmed, and then brought into the fermentation tanks.
  • The yeasts used are naturally present in the vineyard and on the berries. They develop slowly in the fermenting tank, and have a great diversity, which contributes to the aromatic complexity of their cuvees.


  • l’Amauve uses fermentation tanks made with either concrete, stainless steel, or fiberglass depending on the size of the tank and the cuvee.
  • At the end of the maceration, the free run wine is racked off, and the pomace (skin of the berries) is pressed. The free run wine and the pressed wine may be blend later depending on their tasting.
  • Some of their cuvees will be aged in barrels for 12 months.
  • Red wines are bottled without any fining and after a rough filtration or even without any filtration if their natural clarification is sufficient.

Alcohol content: 12.5%


The nose is gentle, making its way quietly, a so raspberry present with notions of dried herbs. It holds an easy freshness, some latent red meat. The palate delivers on full, red cherry fruit, and carries more push & kick than the nose would suggest. It bears an enjoyably juicy mid-palate. It is a wine of some sinew, and late floral roundness, a little sweetness.