Toquade Wines produces a single vintage single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc each year. This very small wine producer is owned and operated by Christine Barbe whose wine making history dates back to 1991 in her hometown in Bordeaux France. During her time as a Doctoral student at the Bordeaux Institute of Enology she worked with a number of people who were passionate about Sauvignon Blanc, and as a result she learned the finer nuances of how to taste for ripeness and when to harvest to ensure the best possible aromas and flavor. She was hired by the Gallo Family Winery, came to California in the mid 1990’s and also spent some time in research and managing vineyards at Robert Mondavi Winery.

The name Toquade is a tribute to Christine’s French heritage – it is French and means “craze” or “infatuation”. This would be an appropriate label for many vintners who have a focused passion towards winemaking, and in this case reflects Christine’s own passion towards the Sauvignon Blanc variety.

Christine’s Sauvignon Blanc are not the riper fruit picked at higher brix wines that are commonly found for this variety. Rather she picks at a lower brix and stays away from the influence of oak, preferring to show the varietal expression rather than any winemaker influences. Toquade is one of just a handful of Napa Valley based producers focusing entirely on a white variety. Christine is looking for additional vineyard sources and in the future may also offer a red wine.


Toquade Wines:

Toquade Sauvignon Blanc