Maison Lispaul is a family estate located in the town of Tracy sur Loire, two hours south of Paris. The estate is located in the heart of the appellation of Pouilly-fumé, in an environment favored by the presence of the longest wild river in France, the Loire. With its clay and limestone soils and southern exposure, the family estate offers high quality wines with classic aromas. David Maudry, accompanied by his wife, Shirley, decided together to create Maison Lispaul, named in honor of their children Lison and Paul-Henri. David comes from a family of vintners. In turn, he decided to invest in the family property after studying vinification. Their Pouilly-fumé AOC and our Val de Loire IGP are produced 100% from the sauvignon grape variety, in order to offer customers fruitier options, Maison Lispaul also carries appellations Sancerre and Menetou-Salon and their accompanying wine varieties. 

IGP Val de Loire Sauvignon