Pierre Vaïsse is the rising star in the Terrasses du Larzac and the new protégé of Frederic Pourtalie (Montcalmes), Xavier Braujou (La Terrasse d’Elise) and Laurent Vaille(La Grange des Peres). Pierre purchased his first 11 ac in 1999 and aber 5 years supplying grapes to the local cooperative, he established his own Estate. 2007 was the first vintage of this Estate of 15 hectares located in the Puéchabon area. Most of the vines grow in the Terrasses du Larzac appellation, which is dominated by clay and limestone soils. The yield are around 20 to 30 hl/ha to maximize the juice concentration.


Domaine Vaïsse Wines:

IGP Pays de l’Herault Hasard

Terrasses du Larzac Galibaou du Russe