The vision of Chateau Haut Blanville is based on the conviction that the second Languedoc wine revolution will focus on a meticulous parcel identification that will make it possible to create exceptional terroir wines as in Burgundy. Haut-Blanville was therefore built parcel by parcel. The Château fulfils Bernard’s teenage dream. For 18 years, the estate’s team has been working every day to bring out the best in each terroir and parcel of land at their disposal.

“We cultivate the vines in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with the precepts of “rational control”. In the cellars we forbid any oenological practice in order to produce wines that are totally natural and with a low dose of sulphite. For us, wine is above all a source of team pride, creation and shared pleasure.”

Haut-Blanville is made up of a team of enthusiasts who take the time to create ready-to-drink wines by maturing them in barrels and vats for several years. From the vine to the bottle, each step is carried out with care, passion and with a simple objective in mind: to create excellent wines that we enjoy drinking.


Chateau Haut Blanville Wines:

Grand Reserve Blanc

Elixir d’Amour Pinot Noir

Cuvée 1955 Syrah