Appellation: Various tea growing regions

Area of Production: Various

Tea: Sencha, Green Tea, Citrus

Vintage: NV

Property: International Organic Farms

Bottle Style: Champagne

Production: Hand-brewed, using the correct brewing temperatures and time intervals – essential for the final result. The tea blends are bottled together with a dash of white wine or grape must as natural sweetness and to complement and enhance the flavors of the teas. Other natural aromas like lemon juice are added, to hit just the right notes. No artificial additives.

Sommelier: Jacob Kocemba

Soil: Various

Alcohol content: 0%


LYSEGRØN is the latest addition to our Sparkling Tea family, and it was created with the intention to add more variety to our non-alcoholic range. We have the dry (LYSERØD) and the floral (BLÅ) but wanted to expand our selection with a more classic, fresh, and citrus-y variant. This label has complex aromas of citrus, green tea, minerality and apples. The taste is lively and elegant with notes of citrus, lemon grass, Earl Green Sencha, and orange peel – with remarkable layers and a long-lasting hint of Darjeeling and green apples on the finish. The color is clear with green nuances.

LYSEGRØN is made with Champagne lovers in mind. A fresh non-alcoholic aperitif, which also pairs beautifully with oysters, caviar, fish, and seafood – elegant with high complexity and delicate bubbles bursting on your palate.