Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and introduced to the market in May the same year, by the award-winning sommelier, Jacob Kocemba, and his business partner, Bo Sten Hansen. They still hand-brew every batch themselves, as this is a labor of love, as much as it is one of precision. They offer a range of 4 unique versions of Sparkling Tea, which all can lift any gourmet or festive occasion. Each of them are the result of our dream to produce world’s best low/non-alcoholic sparkling drink. Why, you might ask?

Because everyone deserves a good glass of bubbles!

Lyserød (0% alc)

Blå (0% alc)

Lysergrøn (0% alc)

Grøn (5% alc)

Rød (5% alc)

Vinter (5% alc)