cellar-champagneJacques Oudart belongs without any doubt to the upcoming stars of the Champagne area. The Oudart Family has been involved in Champagne making since the late 1950’s. They own 22 acres spread mainly over 2 regions: Vallee de la Marne and the Epernay area. This is definitively a major asset  as it gives Jacques the possibility to blend all 3 grape varietals and still have the influence of all the various terroirs.

Jacques Oudart is very meticulous about winemaking, and insists on extending his Champagne aging in order to hit the perfect ripeness when the bottle reaches the consumer.

Champagne Oudart’s trademark is to create elegant and fine wines. Most of the cuvee blend uses Chardonnay for its strength, Pinot Meunier for the fruit and Pinot Noir to add personality.

Champagne Etienne Oudart Wines

Champagne – Brut Reference 

Champagne – Brut Reference Rosè