The Jouffreau family has been into winemaking for more than four centuries. At a time when Cahors was almost exclusively associated with massive (big, full-bodied and rich) and somewhat rustic, coarse wines with no shortage of color or tannins but often lacking in elegance, Clos de Gamot was one of the only wineries with a real focus on quality. Today the Jouffreau family owns the oldest vines in Cahors – some of them are more than 120 years old – and Clos de Gamot remains one of the leading Estates in Cahors, producing complex and concentrated wines with an ageing potential that few are able to match.

The Jouffreau family never jumped on the bandwagon of ultra-ripe fruit and excessive new oak. As a result, they have been able to consistently produce elegant and perfectly balanced wines, with a solid tannic backbone but without any rustic character. Clos de Gamot also owns the largest collection of Malbec clones, allowing them to balance their wines with the influences each clone brings.

M de Gamot Malbec