Chateau de Lionne is in the middle of the Graves appellation, close to the Garonne river in Illats. The 37 hectares’ vineyard is managed by its owner Véronique Smati since her acquisition in 2007. Véronique and her winemaker Grégory DallaLonga (formed by Denis Dubourdieu) are doing outstanding work to bottle the wonderful terroir of the Graves.

The Graves soil comes from a long and complex history, closely linked to the birth of the Garonne river, which changes its route at successive glacial episodes of the Quaternary. Graves consists, as its name suggests, of pebbles, gravel more or less large, sand mixed with silt and clay. It rests on limestone but generally on pure sand, hardpan or clays. The Graves soil and slopes favors drainage and ensures optimum control of the water supply of the vine. Reflecting solar radiation, severe gradually redistribute heat on clusters both contribute to a better ripening of the grapes. The maritime climate of the Gironde area features moderate temperature, humidity and warm summers.


Chateau de Lionne Wines:

Chateau de Lionne