Here we are once again, standing on the precipice of closing out the craziest and most impactful years in recent memory.  We hope you holiday duties are (mostly) done, and you get a few moments here and there to relax a bit – but most likely you’ll find yourself blinking, wondering how it’s all went by so fast, and ‘how did I gain 15lbs in three days?!’. Though that may not be the case for 2020, as the hustle and bustle of celebrating with friends and family has been replaced with trying to explain to your great aunt how to download Zoom on an old Compaq computer, still using dial-up.

One of the few constants of this year has been the rise in alcohol consumption, to the surprise of exactly zero people. The French Corner has been able to keep pace – and even grow – with the larger wine conglomerates, through dedication, ingenuity, and most importantly, the continued support of our suppliers and buyers. We were able to bring more labels, and new producers into the French Corner family, who were immediately welcomed by our savvy and loyal customer base. We thank you all for everything you have given to our company, it has been our honor to serve you.

We wish you all the happiest of holidays, and hope for your success and well-being going into 2021. And we would say don’t drink too much wine, but it’s still 2020, so who would listen anyway 🙂


~ The team at French Corner Wines.