Introducing The French Corner is all about presenting the great winemakers we work with.

Their ”Savoir-Faire” and legacy are the real value of The French Corner. I have known some of these producers for decades.
It is with pleasure that I have seen them become some of the leaders in their wine area.


The French Corner differentiates itself on several aspects:


1We value the work and attention men and women have dedicated crafting their wines. As a result most of our partners are fairly small estates that sit on the top of their appellations and wine areas, translating a pure expression of their unique terroir.


2We concentrate on a limited number of winemakers. As we believe promoting the work of men and women is a very personal affair, it also takes time and dedication. The French Corner is the direct link between the craftsman and the customer.


3 Most of our vintners have been passing the passion of winemaking through generations on their family estates.  Beyond the awards and accolades collected domestically, they are all dedicating their time and effort to enhance the legacy they have inherited from the past generations.


4Finally, The French Corner is passionate about the wine culture and is striving to not only work with familiar wine regions, but also to unearth upcoming wine areas and vintners.