The domain’s story starts in 1980 when established. The name comes from a Roman place of worship for the nymphs. Found remnants from the domain’s fields are kept at Musée Calvet in Avignon.
The domaine’s cellars were built in 1987, since 2005 Pierre Meyer has run the domain together with his sister Nadine Meyer-Marcel. The domain covers a total of 33 ha. In April 2019, Pierre Meyer and Eric Petitjean gave new impetus to the estate by modernizing the cellar, and converting the vineyard in order to produce organic wine in 2 years. Eric Petitjean is known from Chateau la Croix des Pins in Mazan, where his champagne firm (Polchet) has it’s administrative address. In 2019 he established a company “Latitude 44.2” with address at Domaine des Nymphes.

Domaine des Nymphes Cote du Rhone