Frédéric Garrabou:

It was on the 2016 vintage that I finally decided to launch out and produce my own wine on my vines. After more than 10 years of making wines for others, I decided to use all my various oenological experiences and put them to use within my estate to produce wines that I love and want to share.Anyway, I knew that sooner or later this day would come… That’s why I took all my time to train myself, learn from others and really refine the style I wanted to give to my wines: respect for the grape variety, freshness, elegance, integration and drinkability… The first step of my training was done in Burgundy, my adopted country that I love so much and which gave it back to me so well.

I had the opportunity to work alongside François Parent from Domaine A-F Gros and Jean-Pierre Confuron within Domaine Chanson. These two emblematic houses of the Côte taught me to respect the terroirs, the maturities and instilled in me the cult of the single grape variety. Without blending, there is no net; it is the terroir and vintage that mark the wine, and then it is in Bordeaux that my suitcases settled for two years. I also had the opportunity to learn a lot by working with extraordinary teachers and winemakers such as Denis Dubourdieu who was my oenology teacher at the ISVVV in Villenave d’Ornon.

When I arrived, I decided to regain my independence in order to work the vineyard as I wished with a Limoux Blanc orientation for the Chardonnays and IGP Haute Vallée de l’Aude for the Pinot Noir, so I prepared my first two vintages for the 2016 vintage: a Limoux Blanc PDO based on Chardonnay and an IGP Haute Vallée de l’Aude based on Pinot Noir.


Domaine Garrabou Wines:

Fontville Chardonnay

Le Salous Pinot Noir